Friday, February 16, 2007

Blast From The Past

A blogpost posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2005 by

Richard Gomez is being charged with tax evasion. And how does he answer? "The administration is harassing me, being part of the opposition". Ah the arrogant bastard, who thinks he is the Man among the men. Dude! What they are simply saying is you didn't pay due taxes! What you have to do is prove them wrong by providing concrete and tangible evidences. Not make yourself appear like the underdog, because of your political ideals. I'll bet ten bucks and a pizza, Goma would not be missed by opposition leaders if he was jailed. Not too long ago Goma took what Sen. Recto said as offensive. He quote "Hindi kami mga aso, at wala siyang karapatang tawagin kaming aso!" What Sen. Recto actually said is "They are barking at the wrong tree"! Watch out there is a hype that Goma will run for senator.

Erap, is that you?!??


Ton said...

raed the parody i posted on my site.

maria said...

why u so mad at gomez, maybe u are not handsome as he is. hehehe
u should see the real picture. why only richard gomez being single out. u know BIR history. the big fish are not caught like Mr. who u know what am talking about had been tax evader for long long time yet after holabaloos nothing happened. where is he now, still in his empire business he did not go to jail. come on panyero, dont be so critical about gomez unless you dont like him for being good looking. hahahahaha.

maria said...

Let's not talk about Gomez. Before you keep lambasting Mr. Gomez try to read and study the history of BIR regarding catching tax evaders. Does that agency ever caught those who are influential people with tax evasion issue? What about you have you paid your tax? Gomez is being singled out because he is vocal about politicians like your boss Mr. Recto. What has Mr. Recto done for our country? Nothing I could remember. Well, let us talk about many people who are in business and in the government did they pay their taxes? You dont know, right? Now what you have to do is to make a research then after that see who is who in the tax evasion list. Hahaha. Now you can talk about Mr. Gomez without being one sided. I had worked in the Batasang Pambansa and I know very well how our government officials do their thing. Good for Mr. Gomez he is thinking how to use his popularity and star image to help the Filipinos, what about you dude? I think what you only know is how to criticize people a bad characteristics of most filipinos, "crab mentality". That is the very reason why our country does not progress. Before being so critical about some people, try to think and use that brain of yours how to alleviate the despicable condition of our country.

mariogo said...

think about this. the govt came out w media publicity about the gomez tax evasion case but up to now there has no case actually filed against him.
it truly is harrasment.

i would rather have a gomez than a recto in the senate anytime. this guy makes more sense than a recto who passes a vat law that makes every filipino pay for taxes being stolen by this govt.

Ein Kreuz said...


I laughed at the colored post...

Anyway, I'm not against the guy but showbiz, is indeed going into politics. This could be good if the actors are really suitable for that position, but for letting someone like Pac-Man, I highly doubt it will work out.


Can you consider Manny Pacquiao as a celebrity?