Thursday, February 15, 2007


Taken from Political Pinoy

Election season na naman and a stupid actor who shoots using his mouth because he has no brains to back it up, is shown in this video obviously wooing the overseas voters and the Kapamilya crowd to somehow vote for his stupid Senate run. Sana nga tumakbo na sya to show once and for all how lowlife the Senate can become and how the electorate should not be trusted to choose whom they should vote.

Mahirap po ang gagawin kong kampanya (This campaign will be an uphill battle for me). I will be running as independent. Ang magiging partido ko ay kayo. Sa inyo po ako aasa dahil kayo ang naniniwala sa akin (my party would be the people. I will draw strength from you because you believe in me),"

Somebody hand me a barf bag. Quick.

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